Fruit salad with honey-lime dressing

Look at this yummy fruit salad!

April 13, 2013 654

Here’s the recipe:


Soup and dessert!

For lunch today, I made a delicious sausage, potato and kale soup! Here’s the recipe I used:

February 18, 2013 016

It turned out really well, even though I would probably drain the sausage a bit better next time.

I even made a healthy dessert: berries with homemade whipped cream! yumyumyum

February 18, 2013 020

I’m starting to really enjoy trying new recipes!

Grocery shopping

Today I went to the grocery store with my new eating habits in mind. Before I left, I looked through a few cookbooks to try to come up with some healthier dinner ideas for the week. At the store, I found that I felt overwhelmed by the options around me and uninformed about what I should be choosing to eat. Should I buy farmed or wild salmon? Are wheat products bad to eat? How can I assess the quality of the chicken and beef on the shelf? I felt like I should avoid the processed, packaged food that I am used to buying, but I wasn’t sure what to buy instead. I ended up with an odd array of groceries and a particularly high grocery bill. Not my most successful shopping trip.

fried chicken, berries, olive salad

fried chicken, berries, olive salad

I am predicting the following challenges this week:
– Feeling hungry at work after I’ve eaten what I packed for the day
– Laziness and fatigue after work resulting in no desire to cook
– Temptation to give up and return to regular (unhealthy) diet