Spicy eggplant fail

I did not have all of the correct ingredients for this recipe for Spicy Sesame Eggplant, but I did have half of an eggplant that I did not want to start to rot in the fridge, so I just went for it. Unfortunately, some experiments are not as successful as others.

The recipe called for Asian garlic chili sauce. I used Sriracha. The recipe called for toasted sesame oil. I used sesame-flavored chili oil. The recipe called for fresh lime juice and sesame seeds. I ignored that.

The result was excessively spicy. And a little salty. And sort of mushy. The leftovers are still sitting in my fridge, waiting for someone to take pity on them and just eat them or throw them away. Wah-wah.

January 21, 2014 045

(Yes, I sliced the eggplant with a butter knife. I’m lazy. Get over it.)

January 21, 2014 048

January 21, 2014 049

January 21, 2014 055


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