Key lime cheesecake

For our third anniversary, Chef Husband and I had a delightful picnic of pasta salad with tortellini, fruit salad, and (store-bought) fried chicken!

June 30, 2013 007

Then later that day we made this decadent key lime cheesecake:

My photos of the preparation came out an odd color because I left my camera on the wrong setting. I apologize for the yellowed hue!

Making the graham cracker crust:

June 30, 2013 048

Gathering ingredients and allowing them to come to room temperature:
(Various drinks not included in cheesecake!)

June 30, 2013 047

Using the box grater to zest the tiny key limes. (We just bought a true zester! But alas, it was too late for this recipe.)

June 30, 2013 052

Key lime carnage:

June 30, 2013 054

Mixing the filling:

June 30, 2013 058

Peeking into the oven!

June 30, 2013 067

Cooling. (The most difficult part of the recipe was waiting for the cheesecake to cool overnight before we could eat it!)

June 30, 2013 080

Finally, a delicious slice of tangy, fluffy key lime cheesecake!

June 30, 2013 157


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