Best guacamole

I never really enjoyed guacamole until my friend Carolyn brought this Food Network version to a party a few years ago. The green, pureed paste that I was used to seeing always grossed me out a bit, but this was something completely new!

This version is deliciously chunky because instead of smashing up the avocados, they are sliced with a sharp knife. It also has great, crunchy pieces of red onion and juicy pieces of diced tomato.

I also love that this recipe includes hot sauce! I always add more hot sauce than it calls for, and obviously a lot more garlic. I dare you not to fall in love with this recipe!

Before mixing the ingredients:

June 01, 2013 099

And after: (with Chef Husband’s awesome fajitas and black beans!)

June 01, 2013 108


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