Kale salad with lemon-tahini dressing

I recently tried this recipe for kale salad with avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, and a lemon-tahini dressing.

April 16, 2013 008

I have to admit something now. I think raw kale is yucky. Every part of this salad besides the kale was so delicious (dressing that tastes like hummus?!) but I found myself having to choke down the kale pieces. I have the same aversion to raw broccoli, which is unfortunate because both of these foods are so healthy.

Oh well. Maybe if I just keep eating kale I will learn to love it. We ate the salad with some Terra chips and delicious curry-spiced lamb burgers with cucumber-mint raita sauce (recipes from Joy of Cooking).

April 16, 2013 010


One thought on “Kale salad with lemon-tahini dressing

  1. Lucky for you, both kale and broccoli actually become MORE nutritious when they’re cooked, especially when they’re lightly steamed. Sometimes when a recipe calls for raw kale or broccoli (or green beans–I find the texture of raw green beans slightly horrifying) I just microwave them in a covered bowl with some water for a couple of minutes to steam them a little. After they cool they still work in a salad, and they’re much less difficult to chew!

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