Crunchy quinoa salad with peanut-ginger sauce

I am so excited about this recipe I found for a crunchy quinoa salad with peanut-ginger sauce. It is SO good. I’ve eaten it for 4 meals in the past 3 days. So I must share it with you!

April 16, 2013 012

This recipe has so many things that I love: red cabbage, red onion, cilantro, and peanut butter! I chopped the ingredients, then squeezed the juice of an entire lime over them.

April 16, 2013 021

I followed the recipe fairly closely, but when I tasted the sauce, I decided it needed a little kick. I added some fresh minced garlic and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper. Oh, and I didn’t have freshly grated ginger, so I used an eighth of a teaspoon of ground ginger instead.

April 16, 2013 016

After the quinoa was cooked and cooled a bit, I mixed all of the sauce into it. (Yum, sauce!)

April 16, 2013 025

Then I stirred in all of the other delicious ingredients!

April 16, 2013 027

This crunchy, flavorful salad is so amazing on its own, BUT I think I found a way to make it even better! For lunch today, I put the salad inside a flour tortilla, gave it a healthy topping of Sriracha, and ate it as a deliciously crunchy wrap! I cannot recommend this enough. I want to eat another one right now.

April 16, 2013 053


3 thoughts on “Crunchy quinoa salad with peanut-ginger sauce

  1. Looks really tasty. If you have rice wine vinegar laying around, try that instead of the red wine vinegar and see if you like it.

    This kind of reminds me of a recipe I really like to make, especially in the summer when you don’t want to do much “real” cooking. I was looking for the recipe, but I realized that I must have used three or four as a basis and then went a different direction. So to sum it up: Soba noodles, and any mix of shredded carrots, red/white/sweet/etc onion, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, serrano pepper, and cilantro get tossed in a dressing of fish sauce, lime juice, fresh ginger, garlic, and salt. Add some sriracha, maybe some medium thin-sliced skirt steak and have a good time. The lime juice kindof pickles the veggies a bit, a-la bahn mi sammiches. The fish sauce smells vile but in the right proportions, with the lime juice, it quickly becomes addictive. Seems similar in spirit but a bit different.

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