Horseradish hummus

You may have guessed by now how much I love hummus! I found a recipe for horseradish hummus and have made it twice now, with some modifications.

The first time I tried this recipe, I doubled all of the ingredients, but upped the garlic even more to 3 or 4 large cloves and used the juice of an entire lemon. I also found that I needed to add more olive oil while it was processing to smooth it out. This attempt was pretty tasty, but didn’t deliver the kick that I was hoping for.

March 14, 2013 036

The second time I made the hummus, I again doubled the recipe, but used about 5 or 6 large cloves of garlic. Instead of the doubled amount of 4 Tbsp. of prepared horseradish, I used an entire jar (approximately 10 Tbsp.). WOO! Now THAT was some horseradish hummus. I would highly recommend letting it sit in the fridge for at least an hour to chill and to let the flavors blend before eating. I found this to be especially delicious on some Stacy’s “Simply Naked” pita chips.


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