Hummus quesadilla

One great thing about striving for a healthier diet is that my already-healthy friends feel compelled to send me awesome new recipes to try! My friend Valerie emailed me about one of her favorite ways to eat veggies: inside of delicious quesadillas!

Valerie wrote:

I usually start with a protein, either black beans or hummus, then add veggies and then fry it in a little butter. The great thing is that beans and hummus are so creamy that you don’t even really need cheese, though sometimes I put in feta because it’s tasty and pretty healthy as far as cheese goes.

Things that go well with black beans:
green onions
butternut squash
shredded brussels sprouts

Things that go well with hummus:
shredded carrots
green onions
radish, grated or sliced very thin
shredded brussels sprouts

Up until this time, my homemade quesadillas were floppy, microwaved tortillas with some shredded cheese inside and a splash of hot sauce. I decided to try out Valerie’s version, and I used sun-dried tomato hummus, spinach, carrot, onion, mushroom, and garlic. I was so surprised at how delicious this was! I didn’t even miss the cheese, and that’s saying a lot because I have an almost disturbing passion for eating cheese. The tortilla got all crispy and buttery and perfect, and the hummus was warm and held all of the veggies in. So much yum.

February 25, 2013 063

February 25, 2013 067

February 25, 2013 069

This quesadilla is one of those meals that is so good that you want to immediately make it again once you’re done. (In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about how good this was and ended up making it for dinner again the next night!)

February 25, 2013 070


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