Narrow focus

My prediction of feeling hungry at work today was correct. I brought yogurt, a banana, baby carrots, a romaine salad with mixed berries and strawberry vinaigrette, a chocolate peanut butter protein bar, and a Diet Coke. Apparently that is not enough food to get through a work day.

I am feeling torn about what my true goals are for changing my diet, which makes it hard for me to decide what to eat. Am I trying to ease off of carbohydrates? What about dairy? Are nuts and legumes good or bad? What about meat? There are so many conflicting diet ideas out there: vegetarian diet, gluten-free diet, hunter-gatherer diet, raw food diet, clean eating, and so on. All claim their own specific health benefits.

I need to narrow my focus.

For now, I think I’m going to work on my goal of incorporating more vegetables (especially leaves!) into my diet, and also try to avoid eating as many processed/packaged snacks.

Visit my Pinterest boards to see some recent recipes I have been pinning:
Recipes I want to try:
Recipes I’ve already made:


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