Beginning of my healthy eating escapade

I have horrible eating habits. As a recent new year’s resolution, I vowed to be healthier by eating at least one vegetable each day. Some days, a small glass of V8 or a single baby carrot has been all that has helped me fulfill this promise. I have known for a long time that I need to make some major changes in my life to be a healthier person, but I have lacked motivation. I am hoping that starting this blog will help me stay accountable toward a goal of healthier living since, presumably, other people will read this, and, I would like to assume, be disappointed in me if I fail.

Reasons to make changes to my lifestyle:
– Physical health
– Brain health
– Learn how to prepare nutritious food for other people in my life

I feel particularly inspired by this video. It is fairly long, but definitely worth watching.

Obstacles to this goal:
– Laziness/too tired after work to cook
– Tempted by delicious unhealthy and processed foods
– Caffeine addiction
– Ignorance about what types of foods are healthier than others

It is really difficult to imagine eating platefuls of vegetables every day. It’s also hard to imagine giving up foods I love such as pizza and cookies. Instead of trying to force myself into a new diet all at once, I’m going to try to think of this as a journey toward healthier eating and take small steps toward my goal.


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